Beati Paoli’s sect: history of Palermo

Beati Paoli is the name of a secretive sect supposed to exist in medieval Palermo. The members of the sect went out hooded, and met in secret only after midnight.

Stories about 4 haunted places in Sicily

All over the world there are places shrouded in mistery.

Sicily makes no exception. There are a few places around the island famous for being haunted. Even if you are skeptical or supersticious it can be interesting get to know the stories behind a so-called haunted place. Today we tell you the legends about 4 haunted places near Palermo. Let’s start from the furthest from the city.

Saint Lucy in Palermo: story of devotion and food

In 1646 Palermo was hit by a terrible famine that carried away lots of citizens. Because of this tragic event, survivors started to say prayers to Saint Lucia and while they were asking her for saving Palermo a miracle happened: a big ship full of corn arrived into the porto of the city, changing the fortunes of people otherwise destined to death.

Believe it or not, Palermo is a comic artists hotbed!

Comic books isn’t exactly the first topic that comes to mind when you think to Sicily, yet you’d be surprised. The Palermo School of Comics just celebrated its tenth birthday since the little animation studio Grafimated Cartoon joined the famous Milan School of Comics to install a branch in the southern Italy. Since then the School filled with experienced teachers who works for Disney, Bonelli, Marvel, DC, Soleil and many others.

Palermo and its secrets: 8 reasons to visit the capital of Sicily

There is a constant implicit in the trip: to start new adventures you have to be ready to change . Not radically , but just enough to catch up and back to the dream. Today, we want to suggest you 8 reasons to visit Palermo and fall in love with the capital of Sicily. Even if there are so many reasons why you will love Palermo we want to offer you some new point of view to plan your next trip, pack your bags and follow your adventure dream.

Palermo the golden dell, devours hers and feeds the foreigners

“Panormus conca aurea suos devorat alienos nutrit”: this inscription lies at the bottom of a statue at Palazzo Pretorio. It means “Palermo the golden dell, devours hers and feeds the foreigners”. An omen more than a motto, yet this words describe perfectly the very soul of the city and the citizens of tha capital of Sicily. The very symbol of the city is the statue itself…