Beati Paoli’s sect: history of Palermo

Beati Paoli is the name of a secretive sect supposed to exist in medieval Palermo. The members of the sect went out hooded, and met in secret only after midnight.

Stories about 4 haunted places in Sicily

All over the world there are places shrouded in mistery.

Sicily makes no exception. There are a few places around the island famous for being haunted. Even if you are skeptical or supersticious it can be interesting get to know the stories behind a so-called haunted place. Today we tell you the legends about 4 haunted places near Palermo. Let’s start from the furthest from the city.

Why Saint Rosalia is the patron of Palermo?

Tradition , history and faith are all different perspective through which we can read the story of Saint Rosalia, patron of Palermo. How a girl who excaped from her fate of being wife to a man she didn’t love, became a saint. It’s a story that begins back in the 12th century at the court of Roger II of Sicily, after count Baldovino saved the king’s life.

A beach between 2 seas

The Southernmost point of Sicily, Capo Passero (literally the sparrow cape), is also one of the most evocative spots of the island. A small stretch of coast in front of a little isle called the Isle of Currents.

The isle can be “explored” in no time reaching it swimming from the beach of Portopalo di Capopassero. The charm lies in its location rather than in the island itself. This is indeed the point where 2 seas cross, or better still collide.