Sicilian Cuisine

Have you ever eaten a snail? Here they are Sicilian “babbaluci”

“Babbaluci” is the Sicilian name standing for tiny snails. It probably comes from the Arabic babush which meant the women’s shoes with the tip pointing upwards. Other erudites think the name comes from the greek boubalàkion (buffalo) due to the horns of both animals.
Babbaluci are something typical in Sicilian culinary tradition, especially in Palermo. In the summer time you can find them in big wicker baskets from the grocery.

The king of sweets: the Sicilian cannolo

All over the world Sicily is known for its charming history, but what about the cuisine? Sicilian food is a big world to experience. Today we suggest you a dessert really able to feed your senses: the Sicilian cannolo.

It is the best-known Sicilian pastry and it has been brought by Arabs during the Emirate in Sicily. Its name probably comes from the Arabic Qanawat and it is also curious to know that in Sicilian dialect the term cannolu means “little tube”.

Slaughterhouse waste turned into street food: they call it “‘A frittula”

‘A Frittula is a typical preparation part of the culinary tradition of Palermo, a particular kind of street food: not the most popular for sure and quite mysterious. The raw ingredients used to cook the frittola are the result of the butchery of the calf: pieces of meat and small cartilages considered waste products of the cut of meat.