Four strange curiosities about Sicily

Sicily is full of curiosities and several of these handed down through the centuries.

The One Hundred Horses Chestnut

The chestnut tree of 100 horses, is the famous tree of enormous size, located at the slopes of Etna. It takes its name from an ancient story. Once Joanna of Aragon, passing by Etna, coming from Spain and going to Naples, she encountered a violent storm. The woman, seems to have found salvation and shelter together with her following under the chestnut tree . It may seem true, since  the only part of the trunk now has a circumference of over 50 meters.

The spindle of the old lady

Lu Fuso di la vecchia (the spindle of the old lady) is a column part of the remains of Selinunte temples. It takes this name, because a legend said that once upon a time. Sicily was inhabited mainly by giants. The legend of the giants is linked to the size of the first buildings in Sicily. This column is 16 meters high and wide 3,5 and it has always been seen as the spindle used by the ancient ladies living in the island, to spin wool. This strange column, has something magical. If you observe it from a distance, it does not seem so impressive. As soon as you get closer, you realize slowly its size. But it is only by touching and hugging her, that you will understand that at least 7 people will be necessary to embrace it. If you think that this story may be strange, you can try by your own, going there and try to embrace the column. By the way you can enjoy your holiday in one of fantastic Villas in Selinunte.


Origins of the Sicilian puppets

This is one of the best known stories told about Sicilian puppets. Once in 421 BC there was a feast in which there was Socrates  and also a puppeteer from Syracuse. It seems that Socrates invited the puppeteer, to move his puppets, making them dance. At the end of the performance, Socrates asked  to the puppeteer about his biggest dream and the man replied in this way: “I hope that there are many fools, because they, rushing to the show of my puppets, cause me to live.”


The importance of the Sicilian Palm

For Sicilian people, the palm has always had a big importance in the life of the island. In Sicily there was a real cult of the palm: it was invoked during times of drought. On Palm Sunday, the trees were hanging blessed palm fronds. Another story tells that once the witches were hunted by a special rite: at noon, three palms were cut in two pieces by steel scissors, reciting  a magic formula at the same time.

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