The Myth of Aci and Galatea

There are so many legends about our land. Sicily is a casket of incredibile stories and the myth of Aci and Galatea is a great example of Sicilian tradition.

Galatea – which name means “milk-white” – was a sea nymph felt in love with the young shepherd Aci. Because of this love the Cyclops Polyphemus became jealous for the handsome shepherd and killed him throwing a huge rock against. Galatea transformed the blood of Aci in the sources of a river: in this way, when the Aci river flows into the sea, the nymph and her beloved can stay together and love each other forever.

The Greeks used to explain the presence of freshwater springs in the Etna area with the myth of Aci and Galatea. The story was so interesting that Ovidio did want to tell it in his “Metamorphoses”.

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